The prime motto of the ED Cell of VIMS is to create a platform for entrepreneur aspirants, identify the prospects and to explore new ideas, making them aware of the opportunities available in the market and satisfy needs of the market and thereby fulfilling the entrepreneurial aspirations of youth in India.

The main purpose of the ED cell is to train, motivate and focus on developing entrepreneurial sprit of the students.
• To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture in the minds of youth and to identify innovative business ideas.
• To conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps and Entrepreneurship Development Programs, for the students of VIMS as well as the student youth in neighborhood.
• To facilitate the process of starting enterprises of their own right from Business Identification, Market Survey and preparation of Project Reports.


Transforming the entrepreneurial aspirants of youth in India to become successful entrepreneurs.

Progressive plans:

1. Establishing fullfledged ED Cell with the support of External Agencies.
2. Establishing archives for investment projects and provide technical guidance.
3. Setting up Business Incubation Centre.

Organization Structure of EDC

Patron: Mr.K.Vijayalayan,CEO,VIMS

Chief advisor: Dr.A.Valarmathi,Director, VIMS

Advisory Committee

1.Dr.N.Sundarapndiyan, Professor & HOD, VIMS

2. Mr. S.Anburajan, Chairman, TANSTIA-FNF-SERVICE CENTRE, Chennai

3. Dr K Suresh Kumar, Executive Director, PSG- STEP, Coimbatore
4. Mrs.Sudha Purushotaman, Vice President, 
    Women Business Enterprises Development Association (WOBEDA), Coimbatore

Faculty coordinator: 
 Dr.S.Umamaheswari,Associate Professor, VIMS

Student Coordinators:

1. Kavi Archana.c
2.Muhammed siyad.V.P
4. Muneeswaran.S